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English Department 

Britten, Amanda English II & III[email protected]
Council, LatonjaEnglish II[email protected]
Manley, Shannon*English III & IV[email protected]
Maynor, ShannonEnglish III & IV[email protected]
Williams, JoeEnglish I[email protected]
Yarn, Kelly English and Journalism[email protected]

Science Department

Carlysle, Tonya Biology & Earth Science[email protected]
Counter, Montana Earth Science[email protected]
Crawford, MonicaBiology[email protected]
Jarmon, LyndaChemistry & Physical Science[email protected]
Mims, GeorgePhysical Science[email protected]
Woodfork, Dorothy****Chemistry, Earth Science & Biology[email protected]

Social Studies Department 

Currie, Brendan World History[email protected]
Greene, Travis*Civics & World History[email protected]
Montgomery, LaTonya American History I & World History[email protected]
Nunn, Lauren American History II[email protected]
Smith, RheshaAmerican History II[email protected]
Vantress, MeredithAmerican History II, Civics & Economics[email protected]


Craven, MarkMath III[email protected]
Davis, MirandaMath III[email protected]
Dwyer, DorothyAP Calculus, AFM & Math III[email protected]
Hardy, JessicaFoundations of Math I & Math I[email protected]
Harris, CarolineMath II[email protected]
Marsh, DariusPre-Calculus & Foundations of Math I[email protected]
Simpson, Melody** Math I, Math 3 & Math 2 Honors[email protected]

Career and Technical 

Clark, Kety*CTE Facilitator[email protected]
Hardy, Alecia
Career Management
Programming & Broadcasting 
2nd Semester: Drone Technology 
[email protected]
Johnson, MargaretCulinary Arts[email protected]
Johnson, Jr., RaymondCTE Business & Cyber Security[email protected]
Food & Nutrition II
Culinary & Hospitality I
Apparel and Textile 
stacyoldha[email protected]
Richardson, BrianaBusiness Management 1, Career Management & Microsoft Word,  PowerPoint[email protected]
Rivera, KimberlyAdobe Digital & Adobe Visual[email protected]
Robinson, TiffanyCTE Criminal Justice[email protected]
Scott, CollinAutomotive Technology[email protected]
Strahan, Patti***Fire Science[email protected]

Cultural Arts 

Allison, RolandaOrchestra[email protected]
Barnett, MemphisTheatre Arts[email protected]
Brewington, YvetteDance[email protected]
McLeod, MoniqueChorus[email protected]
Pratt Jr., RooseveltBand[email protected]
Vaughn, BlakeVisual Arts[email protected]


Lt. Col. Glockzin, Thomas*ROTC I-V[email protected]
CMSgt Mitchell, James
ROTC I-V[email protected]

Health/Physical Education 

Karcher, AndyHealth/ P.E.[email protected]
McAllister, TerrenceHealth/ P.E.[email protected]
Whitaker, Lytonia*Health/ P.E.[email protected]

World Languages

Bolick, LillianSpanish II[email protected]
Woods, GinaSpanish I[email protected]

Exceptional Children’s Department

Andrews, RowenaSED Teacher[email protected]
Barnes, PoterressiaOCS Teacher[email protected]
Carr, EleanorEC Coop Teacher[email protected]
Cooper, CharityTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Flucker, LavetteOCS Teacher[email protected]
Major, RitaHI Interpreter[email protected]
McLean, KimberlyEC Teacher[email protected]
Nance, JodieResource Teacher[email protected]
Rashad, KenOCS Job Coach[email protected]
Robinson, NadineTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Rodriguez, FrancoESL Teacher[email protected]
Shepard, CrystalEC Teacher [email protected]
Townsend, NadiaID-Moderate[email protected]
Walker, ShavonneEC Co-op Teacher[email protected]
Whitaker, AmberTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Williams, CraigTeacher Assistant [email protected]
Williams, GregoryTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Williams, PaulSED Teacher[email protected]

Support Staff 

Cody, PaulaBookkeeper[email protected]
Cooper-Craig, DonnaFreshman Counselor[email protected]
DelMarr, Kimberly
Parent Facilitator
[email protected]
Evans, DianneGrad Point Coordinator[email protected]
Gaston, NevarroAttendance Clerk[email protected]
Hardy, LatanyaTesting Center Coordinator[email protected]
Karcher, AmyAIG Consultant[email protected]
Kirkland, RhondaRegistrar[email protected]
Major-Williams, RoszellaMilitary Student Transition Consultant-MSTC[email protected]
McLain, WendySocial Worker[email protected]
McQueen, KellyMedia Coordinator[email protected]
Moore, AfricaMedia Clerk[email protected]
Quick, TiffanyAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
Sanders, CelesteData Manager[email protected]
Snow, DontrellISS Coordinator[email protected]
Staten, PamelaJunior Counselor [email protected]
Tijero, DyaniESL Teacher[email protected]
Tillman, BryanSafe School Coordinator[email protected]
Walker, Gretchen*Senior Counselor[email protected]


Terry RossHead Custodian[email protected]
Leak, WilliamCustodian[email protected]
Pettway, DebraCustodian[email protected]
Directory Key

1 * (asterisk ) denotes:  Department Chair

2 ** (asterisk ) denotes:  Math & Science Academy Director

3 *** (asterisk ) denotes:  Fire Science Academy Director

4****(asterisk) denotes: Department Chair/Assistant Math and Science Academy Facilitator


Published by Kelly McQueen on October 9, 2019